Styling Your Coffee Station

 Today I woke up in the mood to do a little Coffee  Station Styling. For most of us that’s the first place we go to in the mornings, so why not fill it with things that make us happy? I completely  forgot to take a before photo but to give you an idea all we had on this counter was our beloved Keurig and a toaster (which has happily been relocated to its new home near the cabinet with the dishes :D). 
So as I contemplated the new setup I kept in mind my hubby’s need for practicality. After all, he is the one that makes coffee for us every morning. We have a little tradition, I guess we can call it, that every morning if hubby is up before me and leaves to work (which lets face it – is most mornings) he leaves a a cup filled with just the right amount of cream and sugar under the Keurig with my favorite coffee cup already in it so when I wake up all that is left to do is push the brew button. Isn’t he the best ? 
Here is what I came up with 

I found an old tray that had been abandoned and began filling it with all things necessary for that perfect cup of jo and evening tea. I found these two reusable Starbucks cups that were perfect to for holding stirring spoons and straws.  I bought these cups a couple of months ago attempting to be green – I never remembered to take it with me though. If you didn’t know Starbucks sells them for either $1 or $2 (I can’t remember, that’s how longs it’s been!) and each time you bring it back to use for your coffee they apply a discount of 10cents to your order. 
I had to incorporate my favorite coffee cup in this setup, just had to. I mean, look at it – isn’t it adorable? I found it a Ross a few months back. If ya didn’t know, I love shopping at discount retail stores like Ross, Marshall, TJMaxx etc. Who doesn’t love finding a bargain, right? I filled the cup with individual sugar packets and some brownies that hubby gets from work. The fact that the brownie packages were a perfect match to the tray was a complete beautiful accident – but I’ll gladly take the credit if you must give it me 🙂

I added two of my favorite packaged tea boxes for a little height and color. The teas are called Pukka in case you were wondering. The Party Drinks book was also just used for height and made it more interesting to look at IMO. 

I found this jar given to me by my mother in law and filled it with candy and chocolate – I just love the way it looks! I get these chocolates at Whole Foods when they go on sale, they are so yummy and pretty!

The tall glass container holds more brownies and cookies but I think I would like to fill it up with blueberry muffins next, yummy! 
The true test was how hubby reacted to it. Well he wasn’t truly convinced until the following morning when he made our morning coffee. His favorite part was that he no longer had to travel across our kitchen for a a stirring spoon. I say it was a SUCCESS. 

                                 -Liz <3

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  1. Anonymous

    where is tall glass container from ? i'm so in love with it

  2. Anonymous

    Yes honey where is that tall glass from please