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Hello loves! There are two things that I absolutely love doing, 1. Playing with makeup 2. Organizing
and I was able to do both this week! 
Over the weekend the house was a complete disaster because we had new floors installed in all of the carpeted areas (my makeup room was one of them). The floors turned out beautiful (incase you were wondering 🙂
Since everything had to be taken out of my makeup room it was the perfect opportunity to do some reorganizing. I started with my vanity – everything else is still a disaster lol. 
So here she is!

I won’t have this vanity (Malm Vanity)  for long because the rest of the furniture is white so it doesn’t match anything! I thought about painting it but it would be way too much work and it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade – I have my eye on two different ones: 
This one is from Z Gallerie
This one is from CB2

What do you guys think? 
I like the first one because it is large enough to hold all of my makeup and my humongous mirror but second one is just so sleek and would really open up the space.
I purchased this Muji drawer last year and I LOVE it
It holds so much and lets face it, its beautiful to look at!

I could’t find a good place to store all of my tube lip glosses and balm so I decided to display them on a cute dish. Don’t mind the brush – it’s just there for looks 😉

Jewelry Box

The mirrored box is for jewelry but for now all it holds are my stud earrings and false lashes (not much excitement there). Sitting on top of it is a clear acrylic tray that I picked up at the container store.

I enjoy looking at how others organize their belongings, especially makeup! I hope this post gives you some ideas!

xoxo Liz<3

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  1. Love how you store them babe! I prefer the first vanity 🙂

    • Liz H.

      Thanks love! Im also leaning more towards that one after taking the measurements. I feel like the clear one might be a little too small!

  2. Love you blog doll!!! And I like the first vanity better! And I love all white. My makeup room is all white and I adore it. <3 Meka aka meka_meeks

    • Liz H.

      Thanks hun! Yea that is what I'm going for also, all white 😀 It looks so classy and I feel like it's timeless.

  3. Andrée Valade

    Love your blog bella! Same here I really like the first vanity it looks so chic 🙂 xxx

  4. Angela Dottellis

    Would you help me design and start my blog ?

    • Liz H.

      Hi, hun, I am also in the beginning stages of my blog. I would suggest looking up youtube videos and googling things that you need more clarification on. I am learning as I go and would be a terrible mentor 🙁 . If you ever have a specific questions, I can always do my best to answer it – but no promises that I will know what to do lol 🙂

  5. Angela Dottellis

    Would you help me design and start my blog ?

  6. HoneyLushy

    I would love to save up for a clear cube, even though they are ridiculously overpriced, I've seen some ebay replicas for half the price. I need to figure out my vanity situation desperately! Love your blog btw… your newest follower!

    • Liz H.

      Thanks hun! Have you checked the Muji yet? They are much more affordable than the ones ones I've seen on Amazon. Totally worth every penny IMO.

  7. Nadia KinkyWithIt

    Omg where did you get that cute lil necklace display?