Organizing Without A Medicine Cabinet

I’ll start off by sharing that I am not much of a practical person. I’m totally ok with having a beautiful chair that no one can sit on because… well, because it’s just too beautiful and I don’t want it to get dirty! The hubby on the other hand, would NOT be ok with that – the chair better be comfortable, affordable and last forever.
It’s funny how our world gets turned upside down, sideways, whatever you want to call it, when we fall in love. All of the sudden compromising becomes your best friend because you realize that the other person’s happiness makes you happy… plus you can’t always have it your way. Ok, now I’m just going off  on a tangent (I have a tendency to do that). Lets get to the point:

As I shared earlier, we purchased a home a year ago and are still in the process of making it a “home” One of the things that really bugged us from the beginning is the lack of medicine cabinets in both bathrooms. “Just buy some medicine cabinets and install them, Liz!” Is what you are probably thinking, right? Well, there is not enough room to put a medicine cabinet either! It’s like the builder doesn’t believe in hygiene products or in my case face care products. Where am I supposed to put all of my face creams and toner and face wash and things a girl needs to survive in this world?!?


As I was brainstorming and serching for different types of shleves I came across these cute little cube shelves from Target. My lightbulb went off and I decided these would be a great compromise, decorative and practical! So I ran to Target and picked up two, one for my sink and one for hubby’s sink.

You can find them Here
I gathered all of my tools and got straight to work.


Every girl needs a pink electric screwdriver, right??
So here is a little tip for hanging things that need exact measurements.
1) Get a piece of paper and shape it to the exact size of the item that you are trying to hang and tape it down.
2) Trace over the holes that the screws need to line up to.
3) Remove the piece of paper from the object and place tape it to the wall where you want the object to permanently hang (don’t forget to use a lever to make sure that it is straight).
4) Now all you have to do is drill the screws directly through the marks that you made on the paper!
5) Tear the paper down and you are ready to hang 🙂


Now for the fun part! My every day essential have a home and no longer need to clutter my sink area 😀


Here are some other great uses for these shelves (since I know most of you do have medicine cabinets =P)
I would love to know how you guys organize your everyday essentials 🙂 Share your photos with me on instagram! @misslizheart #fromapurplechair
-Liz <3

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  1. PinkSh0ck

    love ur idea. Where did you get the pink screwdriver set from?

  2. PinkSh0ck

    love ur idea. Where did you get the pink screwdriver set from?

  3. Genzel Kisses

    Love this so much! Thanks for the tip. Finally it'll be easier for me to hang things up. By the way, is your wall, wood or concrete? I'm really afraid to dig a hole on concrete that's why I always ask for the help of my dad.

    • Liz H.

      Thank you! I used to dread hanging these kinds of things up because I could never get it aligned perfectly, glad you found the tip helpful. My walls are made out of wood.

  4. Mari P

    excellent organization

  5. ahhhsoNeo

    I have this exact same set of boxes from Target and wasn't too sure what to do with them. I don't have medicine cabinets either so this is a fabulous idea! Thank you. New to your blog, I love you on IG.

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