New Wallpaper! Makeup Room Update

At last! My dream wallpaper has been installed! 

You may remember me posting about this wallpaper about 8 months ago on my Instagram. Yes…8 MONTHS…that’s how long it took me to save up for the paper plus installation. I didn’t have the guts to install it myself; #1 It’s very labor intensive since they had to cover up the texture on the wall by using a process called wall floating. #2 I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to line the pattern up perfectly.

Photo I Posted 8 Months Ago on Instagram 
So here is what that wall looked like before the wallpaper. The color on the wall is called “Mindful Gray” by Sherwin Williams. 
Before Wallpaper 

It took 2 handy men, 6 rolls of paper, and 7 hours for this tiny wall. I told my husband that if we ever move we are wallpapering the entire house before we move in or it will never happen again lol

The Installation Process

And here is the finished wall! Trust me when I say that these photos don’t do it justice!

The Finished Product

Here is an up-close shot so you can see the texture. The white part is slightly raised with tiny specs of glitter and the sliver part is ridged and it has reflective finish so it helps open up this room.

Up close Shot Of The Texture 

Wallpaper Info
Pattern #: AW50208
Pattern Name: Shiny Mylar Look
Description: Textured and Damask Wallpaper

Here is the current set up! I haven’t decided if this is how it’s staying yet but I will keep you guys updated! 
Acrylic Table sold here, White Mirror, Dress Form, Mirrored Table all from Homegoods

By the way in case you missed the transition of this table being moved to this wall you can watch the video here


xo Liz ♥