5 Tips To Furnish An Empty Room & My Favorite Home Decor Stores

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing some home design tips for furnishing and decorating an empty room. It’s always a little challenging to know where to start when you walk into a completely bare room. There’s paint, furniture, curtains…where to start?!  

These 5 tips come from my personal experience and I hope you find them useful! 

1♥ Select A Color Scheme 

2♥ Paint The Walls

3♥ Fill Room With Larger Pieces

4♥ Add An Area Rug

5♥ Add Fun Accessories 
I go into elaborate detail in the video below!

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My Favorite Home Decor Stores
Pier 1 
Zara Home 
Flash Sale Websites
Do you have any decorating tips to share with us? 
xo Liz ♥

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  1. Elizabeth Garcia

    Love the decor in your living room!
    For color scheme up to how many colors?
    Any ideas you tube video decor for dining room.
    Xoxo Liz

  2. Furniture design ideas

    Video you have shared in this post makes me feel happy. Adding fun accessories make the empty space as an attractive one.