DIY Luxurious Bath Bombs

Hi loves! Today I’m sharing with you this super fun and easy DIY Lush inspired bath bomb recipe! I had so much fun making them and I think they would make amazing gifts! You can also check out the full Spa Night video that I did with more fun bath goodies here.


Dry Ingredients
❤ 1/2C Baking soda
❤ 1/4C Corn Starch
❤ 1/4C of Epson Salt of your choice, I used Coconut Lime Epsom Salt
❤ 1/4C Citric Acid 

Wet Ingredients
❤  2t Castor Oil
❤  1t Coconut Oil 
❤  1t of Essential Oil of your choice, I used Essential Oil Lavender 
❤  1T Water

You will also need some sort of mold for the bath bomb shape, you can use ornaments or even plastic easter eggs or these  Molds

1. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl
2. Combine wet ingredients in a separate bowl
3. Slowly mix wet ingredients with dry ingredients
4. Mix well
5. Pack your molds
6. Freeze for an hour or let dry for at least 48 hours at room temperature
7. Gently tap on the molds with a spoon to detach the finished bath bomb
8. Enjoy!

-I bought everything at HEB but I provided links above in case you can’t find them-

You can watch my Spa Night video here to see exactly how I made this bath bomb 🙂

xo Liz ❤

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