Cute Finds At Forever 21

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share some adorable pieces that I found at Forever 21 over the weekend. Honestly, I have a Love Hate relationship with this store. I’ll share why…

Lets begin with the hate part… for starters, their return policy annoys me. I’m not one to do returns often but I would appreciate to option to return something if I’m not 100% satisfied with it, instead, Forever 21 will only do returns in the form of store credit. I guess that explains why I don’t ever buy clothes there.

Most stores are over staffed, yet the lines are always extremely long and there are more employes on the floor than the registers. This part is a reflection of poor management, not the employees.

…Rant Over

On to the positives…Everything is pretty inexpensive and you can find some really cute accessories if you do enough digging 😉

That’s pretty much it, but it’s reason enough for me to suck it up and deal with all the inconveniences.

These are some of my finds:

How adorable is this cute donut bank?!

I love these type of statement cocktail rings

As may of you know by now, I am a sucker of stud earrings

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You can find the Macaron Trinkets Here:

I also stopped by Marshall’s on my way home and picked up a couple of toys for Nala. This colorful worm was her favorite. 
On my nails: I’m wearing one of the new polishes by L’Oreeal Privee Collection in “Doutzen’s Nude”

What was your favorite piece from this mini haul?

xo Liz ♥

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  1. Tiffany

    I love how you styled all 7 rings on one hand!

    • Liz H.

      Thank you!! I've been really enjoying stacking small rings lately, I know I'm so late to the trend lol

  2. Dagmara Postelle

    I like the all gold ring and Nala's new toy. Are the bunnies from forever21 as well? They are too cute!

    • Liz H.

      She has already destroyed the poor worm lol and yes, the bunny is also form forever 21, isn't it adorable?! There is a direct link to it if you look at the bottom where it says "Shop this Post" In case you're interested 🙂

  3. nurysp

    How do you fight those cute lil rings from turning. I feel like once i take them home and put them in a draw they turn in days

    • Liz H.

      I know what you mean, I try to remember to take them off every single time I either wash my hands or put lotion on. I've had pieces last me over a year by doing this. You could also try coating them with a clear nail polish, or buy the special one that Charming Charlie Sells that's made specifically for costume jewelry. I just started using the Charming Charlie ones on these rings and so far it's working great!