Confessions Of A Foodie – Part 1: Fresh Mango Salsa & Patio Tour + Video

Hi beauties!  I know I mentioned it once before (probably long ago) but in case you missed it,  I LOVE to cook. My family still has trouble grasping the fact that I like to get my hands dirty in the kitchen. I guess you had to have known me growing up. I was the girl that burned box mac and cheese and had no idea how to scramble an egg.

Confessions of a Foodie:  Growing up in Panama, I watched my abuelita work her magic in the kitchen from the break of dawn to sundown. It seemed that as long as we were awake, something was simmering in her busy kitchen. Cooking was my abuelita’s way of expressing her love for all of us and anytime something was wrong, she’d fix the problem with a bowl of delicious sancocho (or vicks lol). I had no interest in cooking at the the time, in fact, I used to say;  I’m never cooking, cleaning, or getting married when I grow up.

Oh the irony!

So you see, despite the fact that I had no interest in being in the kitchen, cooking is in my blood and one day the urge was bound to kick in.

To be continued…

Now for the Mango Salsa Recipe 🙂

What you will need
Mango – 2 Mangoes
Cilantro – Minced To taste
Red Onion – 1/4 Minced Red Onion
Limes – 2-4 Limes
Chili Powder – To taste
Salt –  To taste

This makes enough for 2 People 🙂 This recipe is very flexible and easy to adjust to your taste so feel free to add more or less of anything!

Mix all the Ingredients together, cover with plastic wrap and let chill for 30min-1hr
Serve and Enjoy!
I also love making this salsa to place on top of my salmon, shrimp, steak…we even tried it with fajitas recently! It was so delicious!!

You can see the mango salsa recipe in action in this video.
xo Liz ♥