My Favorite Spring Nail Trend & Tutorial

 If you’ve been following the runway trends, you may have seen that this Spring is all about white, metallics and 3d art. Today, I’m showing you a fun way to incorporate all 3 of these in an easy to follow, step by step nail tutorial. 

I went to my local Sally Beauty Supply Store to purchase the nail polish for this post. All I have to say is I was not ready for what my eyes saw during my visit. Just take a look at the photo below.
Yes, you are not seeing things – this is an entire wall with over 750 shades of nail polish! They also started carrying a new brand that is exclusive to Sally Beauty called FingerPaints. If fun textures and colors are your thing, you will want to pick up a few of these. 
L-R: FingerPaints “Oh My Gauche”, FingerPaints “Th-Ink Outside The Box”, OPI Alpine Snow
The polishes shown in the photo above were my selections for this tutorial. I am so obsessed with the middle one, if you only try one polish from this entire collection, it needs to be this one! It’s amazing!

Alright, lets get started with the nail tutorial:
 1. Start by adding 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow polish and let it completely dry for about 10-15 minutes.
2. Add 2 pieces of tape (horizontally) to all of your nails except the ring finger.  Make sure to leave a tiny space in between. Feel free to make the space larger or smaller depending on how thick you want the line to be in the end. 
3. Apply 2 generous coats of FingerPaints’ “Oh My Gauche” polish and remove the pieces of tape immediately. 
4. Apply 2 coats of FingerPaints’ “Th-ink Outside The Box” to your ring finger and you are all done! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 
What are some Spring nail trends that you are loving? 

xo Liz ♥

*This post was sponsored by Sally Beauty through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Sally Beauty, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Glamista Home

    Thank you for the tutorial, I love designs on nails, but I am so messy with it, especially on my right hand. I love the trick with the tape.
    The wall of nail polish is the reason why I can't shop at places like this, I would want to buy every single color. I have a serious nail polish problem. 🙂

  2. Liz H.

    Hahah I don't blame you! I spent way longer in the store than I shoul have, I've never seen so much nail polish in any one place in my life lol Thanks for stopping by! XO

  3. Nathaly Juarez

    OMG your nails are perfect! <3

    Love always,

  4. Lidia

    I got to try this…wish me luck 🙂 Hugs!