My Christmas Decor

When I began putting Christmas decorations up, I had no intentions of having a “theme”.  I actually love having a colorful tree with all kinds of ornament that I find pretty and don’t necessarily match. Oddly enough everything that I found pretty was some hue of teal or white. This was a completely beautiful accident. 

So I decided to switch out the  black curtains to these baby blue ones to complete the accidental theme. 
These curtains used to be in my breakfast area (as you may have seen in some of my IG pictures).
I originally wanted the tree in the living room but ultimately decided that it was time to put this room to use. It is originally designed to be a formal dinning area but we haven’t gotten around to it so it was kind of a miscellaneous room.

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I found all the ornaments at Target and Kirkland’s and they were 25%-40% off (BONUS!).

Does anyone else find it difficult to keep the tree topper straight?? I feel like there is a trick to it that I never learned…

How adorable is this wine sweater?!! I found it at Homegoods 🙂

Living Room

I decided to switch out the black pillows for these sweater pillows (from Target) to warm up the sofa. The gray flower one is made out of recycled cashmere sweaters (from etsy). 
My coffee table hasn’t changed much since the fall decor post I took the tray off and added the glittery reindeer (from Homegoods) 

This is the corner that I wanted the big tree to go in. As a consolation, I added this super cute tinsel tree that I found at Target. I love the way it looks because it doesn’t take up so much space and matches the rest of the decor 🙂

Oh and hey, look! The mirror and the pictures are finally hung! Yay for being productive 🙂

*All other decorations are from Homegoods 🙂 Rug is from Overstock, Chair is from Ross.

xo Liz ♥

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  1. Rebecca Muress

    I love this post! Have a great Christmas ! Beautiful decor 😀 x

  2. MsToyaBent

    I love this post, I'm ready for Christmas already lol!