DIY Cheap & Easy Patio Curtains Plus Video

Hi loves! I’ve wanted curtains in my patio since we moved into this house (approximately 3-4 years ago). As many of you may know, the cost of weather proof curtains plus  all the corresponding accessories adds up pretty quickly and I personally prefer spending that kind of money on furniture or makeup =P.  Luckily, I have a mom that is super resourceful. She showed me how to make these with inexpensive items found in most hardware stores and today I’m going to walk you through the simple steps. 
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Swing Chair found here, Pillows and cushions here, Medallion Hanging Floor Lantern here

I provided links to everything so you have an idea what each product looks like when you physically visit the store, I had a hard time finding the metal bars too, just remember they are under $2 so if the price doesn’t match you might be looking in the wrong department.

What You Will Need:
❤ 4×3 7/8″ Screws Hooks – I used 3 for each rod, one on each end and one in the middle for extra support
Metal Pipes  found in the electric department at Lowes or Home Depot – You will have to cut these down to you fit your patio measurements
Tube Cutter 
Canvas Drop Cloth – I used (6) 6x9s
Curtain Clip Rings – Each Pack came with 14 and I used 7 clips per canvas.

I also used twine to tie them when I don’t want them blowing all over the place. 
Swing Chair found here, Pillows and cushions here, Medallion Hanging Floor Lantern here

Swing Chair found here, Pillows and cushions here, Medallion Hanging Floor Lantern here
I take you through step by step in this video! I hope you enjoy it 😀 
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XO Liz♥

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  1. CaptionDaFashion

    This Fall Patio Makeover came out GORGEOUS! Please give thanks to your mommy for the idea! Just BEAUTIFUL. I would've never thought of that. LoL

  2. christine c

    Beautiful job! My only concern is about the curtains getting wet, how are yours holding up? Moldy at all?

  3. Sri Jayam

    This makes the home look so luxurious.
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  4. innoxent boy

    The blog is so enchanting. You just can’t be resistant to it.