Quinoa & Brown Rice Stuffed Tomato With Mozzarella

Hi guys! I’ve been experimenting with new recipes and today I wanted to share this delicious stuffed tomato with mozzarella cheeses. If you’ve ever had stuffed peppers, this is pretty similar. Being the tomato lover that I am, I would say it’s tastier than the pepper version. 

Quinoa Stuffed Tomato (serves 2)

❤ 1/4C quinoa
❤ 1/4C  brown rice
❤ 2 ripe tomatos
❤ salt & pepper to taste
❤ fresh mozzarella cheese
balsamic vinegar

1. Cut the top of the tomato off and use a spoon to scoop all the insides out
2. Cook the brown rice and quinoa following the instructions on the back of the package (season to your preference with salt)
3. Add the insides of the tomato to the rice while it’s cooking
4. Once the rice and quinoa are 80% cooked, mix them together and scoop into the tomato(they will continue cooking in the oven)
5. Add a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese to the top of the tomato
6. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and salt & pepper to taste
7. Bake at 350° for 25 minutes
8. If you want the cheese to crisp up, turn the oven to broil for one minute
9. Serve over a bed of spinach and drizzle with balsamic vinegar


You can follow along with the recipe at the 5:50 mark of this video 😀
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XO Liz ♥

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