Nail Polish Organization

I’ve been really into acrylic organizers lately. I find  most of them either for the Container store or Amazon. I feel they are versatile and still very pretty to look at 🙂

I’d been searching for something to organize my nail polishes for a few months now. They went from being in a drawer to being in a glass bowl. I actually didn’t mind the way they looked in the glass bowl but it was easy for a lot of polishes to get neglected because I couldn’t see them all the time so I would forget they existed. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

I wanted something that could sit on a shelf and not have to be permanently hung on the wall. My nail polish collection is not too large so I was searching for something that was a bit more compact so it didn’t take up too much space on my vanity.

I found several sizes on Amazon, I opted for the 36 count rack. There is some assembly required but it’s very simple and no tools were required.

Here are my nail polishes before the organizer. Reminds me of a candy dish but it’s not practical at all.

The description says that it holds up to 36 nail polishes, I’d say it’s pretty accurate. There are currently 33 on mine and there is still room for more.

Nail polishes currently on there:  OPI, Sally Hansen, Zoya, Essie, Loreal, VS, Butter London, Dior, & Chanel


The quality of the nail polish rack is pretty good, it’s sturdy and feels durable. It did come with a few scratches but not enough to stop me from purchasing again. For the price I think it’s a good value and it displays all my nail polishes so beautifully. I will be painting my nails a lot more now 😀

xo Liz  ♄

Your can purchase it here:

36count      60count

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  1. HoneyLushy

    I store my polishes on a 3 tiered cupcake stand. I used to love displaying my polishes like that but now I'm growing bored of it. Def looking for other means of storage, thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Liz H.

      You're welcome! That is a super cute idea, every time I see those adorable cake stands I wish I had use for them so I can have an excuse to take them home lol 🙂

  2. weloveswatches

    I love how you organize you polishes. I just use racks that hang up on my wall, but I love the shelf display a lot!

    • Liz H.

      I thought about the racks because you can store a lot more but I don't think I have enough room on my walls lol I still have a lot of things that haven't been hung.